Texans BREAKING: QB McCown Released; Is He Houston's Next Coach?

McCown is released, as an NFL source tells TexansDaily.com that one plan features a "succession'' line that will see Culley groom him as his replacement
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The Houston Texans' hiring of 65-year-old position coach David Culley as their new head coach is unusual. Want "more unusual''? The Houston Texans might also be hiring Josh McCown ... to be the next head coach.

McCown, the 41-year-old QB, has been released by the Texans, as first reported by the Houston Chronicle, which notes his desire to be involved with his kids as they play high-school football.

But eventually?

An NFL source tells TexansDaily.com that one front-office plan features a "succession'' line that will see Culley working for a time under new GM Nick Caserio and exec Jack Easterby (who may be the mastermind behind the concept) while he helps groom his replacement - McCown, the 41-year-old quarterback who has never coached before (outside of working with his sons).

At one time, expectations were that McCown would land a spot on Culley’s staff. That may still be the Texans' desire. Houston already has Tim Kelly as the holdover offensive coordinator and has hired Pep Hamilton as the QB coach. McCown, obviously, could take on most any other role with most any other title in a variety of departments.

But McCown may not be ready for that at this time ... or may end up with more attractive offers.

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It is not known whether Culley is fully aware of the idea; one would hope so. It is also not clear whether this is a concept that is the creation, at least in part, of owner Cal McNair, or whether this is VP of football operations Easterby's doing. A source said that the Texans' head coaching interview with McCown - who finished last season, his 18th in the NFL, as the team's third-string QB - was largely designed as a way of integrating him into the plan.

Is it a good plan? That's a complicated question. What if Culley proves to be an outstanding success? Why move away from him at a predetermined date? What if Culley is a failure, and his mentorship of McCown is a failure? What if McCown falls short of expectations as an assistant? What if he's so successful that he's hired away before Houston can make room for him? How will the chemistry work for a head coach who might be a lame duck before he even begins?

McNair and Easterby may be putting the cart before the horse here. On-field success will answer most of the questions about this "line of succession'' - as will on-field failure. But the first move has been made. As of today, McCown is not an NFL player ... and can, if he wishes, move to the next phase of his career.

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