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Deshaun Trade? 3 Teams Ready Deal With Texans

The Texans keep saying they are not going to trade Deshaun Watson ... and in Denver, Miami and Carolina, the people in charge don't fully believe the Texans.

The Houston Texans' position on not wishing to trade Deshaun Watson has not changed. But Watson hasn't budged, either, and if we're looking for evidence of what the rest of the NFL thinks might happen?

We should look at Denver.

And we should look at Miami.

And we should look to Carolina.

The Broncos have not been shy about talking publicly about a search for a future franchise quarterback, and privately, the Broncos are reportedly throwing their name in the Watson sweepstakes.

The Dolphins are more subtle in their public approach, because while Denver doesn't seem to concerned about "hurting the feelings'' of Broncos youngster Drew Lock, Miami is aware that Tua might indeed be their "future franchise quarterback.''

So they tread lightly around the idea of dumping him ... just in case they don't.

But as with a respected reporter in Denver passing along the Broncos' plans to pounce, an assortment of respected Miami reporters say the same about the Dolphins.

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It was a Miami Herald report a month ago that indicated Watson prefers a trade to the Jets over a trade to the Dolphins - but that still means Miami is on his wish list. (There are also reports of Watson thinking positive thoughts about Denver.)

And now Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports the Dolphins “expect to be in the mix to acquire Watson if the Texans make him available.''

Jackson adds, “the Dolphins did not indicate what they believe their chances were or what they were willing to offer, but instead merely acknowledged the possibility of Miami acquiring him.”

This is a Dolphins source talking to a reporter about Watson. And, surely, a Broncos source doing the same. And someone in Watson's circle talking about his preferences. Oh, and as it relates to the Panthers, an ESPN reporter having to crawfish on his "bold prediction'' when it fact his prediction of a strong Panthers' pursuit of Watson (should he be made available) actually fits precisely with everything Carolina has said publicly about its desires.

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Bottom line: The Texans keep saying they are not going to trade Deshaun Watson ... and in Denver, Miami and Carolina, the people in charge don't fully believe the Texans.