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Why Would Patriots Coach Josh McDaniels Pick Raiders Over Texans?

To heck with “Patriots South”; why not hold out for the Las Vegas Raiders to morph into “Patriots West”?

Early critics of the Houston Texans’ handling of Josh McDaniels in their all-important head coach search - including me - offered one scolding observation:

Given GM Nick Caserio’s long-time friendship with McDaniels, and their shared New England back ground …

Why has he given the Texans the stiff-arm?

And now maybe we know: To heck with “Patriots South”; why not hold out for the Las Vegas Raiders to morph into “Patriots West”?

New England offensive coordinator McDaniels - the highest paid assistant coach in the NFL (at an estimated $4 million annually) - might suddenly have a reason to again leave boss Bill Belichick’s bosom, as the Raiders list of new GM candidates include Dave Ziegler, who has been working … Guess where?

That’s right. Bill Belichick’s aforementioned bosom.

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McDaniels, 45, has three Super Bowl victories to his credit, plus a failed tenure as the Denver head coach. Another blemish exists as a result of his accept-then-quit relationship from 2018 with the Indianapolis Colts.

But can McDaniels coach? Caserio knows he can.

And so does Ziegler.

josh nick
tom brady nick

The Texans, under Caserio building from scratch in so many ways, might find a fine coach to guide a roster that isn’t as good as the one the Raiders just rode to the postseason. That is a present, but hopefully not-forever, reality. So is, in fairness, a mention of the fact that Nick is so far 0-of-1 in his pursuits. (See: Culley, David.)

So if McDaniels has his pick? He’s understandably picking the superior roster … and a western version of the Patriots.