McNair: Easterby Won't Be Texans GM, Role TBD

Ownership has spoken about Jack Easterby's future, but it still is unclear where he fits for the Houston Texans.
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HOUSTON - The CEO of the Houston Texans made it clear: Jack Easterby will not be the general manager of the team after this season. But, he will be with the team. 

"There’s no decision made on Jack until we can talk to the next general manager," Cal McNair told the Houston Chronicle. "We’ll cross that bridge when we get there."

Easterby is currently the interim general manager and the executive vice president of football operations. He previously was a team chaplain and character coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots. 

McNair told the Chronicle Easterby's role will be determined by the new general manager. This comes one day after the team president echoed the CEO's sentiments.

Adam Schefter reports McNair intends to use Easterby beyond this season saying "he will have a significant role in helping shape our future here within the Texans."

McNair also said Easterby "is going to be an incredibly valuable part of our franchise moving forward as he works with our next general manager and head coach."

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McNair's statements reveal the status of Easterby's future with the Texans. The new general manager and head coach will likely have to work with Easterby in some form. With the new front office deciding Easterby's role, it would seem Easterby will fall under the new general manager in the power structure of the team. 

It would stand to reason McNair's comments about Easterby helping shape the future of the team means he will help with the search for a new general manager and head coach. 

As we have reported on, Easterby has a varying level of experience in hiring key positions.

It remains to be seen, with multiple teams looking for general managers and head coaches, if Easterby's presence will impact the pool of candidates the Texans can hire. Ultimately, these jobs are few and far between ... and Easterby's presence shouldn't scare away too many potential new general managers or coaches.